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Many times we are complimented on how “real” outNbout images appear, here is one of our secrets…

Why Enfuse?

Enfusing, or Blending, of images is one of our most practiced technique to ensure a “more complete and real tonal range” to our images. The full dynamic range (or gamma) of a typical landscape scene exceeds the spectral range of digital cameras photo cells, therefore areas of extreme darkness or lightness lose their amount of information (color, contrast, sharpness, detail etc.).  If the exposure is biased towards the shadows then the highlights suffer and visa versa, not to mention the increase in “noise”.  If the photo is taken to satisfy the middle of the road then the image will lack the “real” or “three dimensional” aspect of the original scene.

Today a RAW file from a full frame digital camera can have a 12 stop exposure range, thus making the art of image blending possible as each exposure maximizes the potential of that “dynamic portion” of the final image.  This is also known as “exposure fusion”.

The art of enfusing an image involves taking a series of exposures ranging from extreme dark to light and then within the computer “blend” the images together to render a final image that exhibits an exquisite range of detail from both ends of the spectrum with little or no digital noise. Although the technique is not difficult it does require a certain degree of patience and forethought when taking the initial photographs. Instead of taking many photos and then picking out the best one we typically scout out our locations well in advance to determine the best season and time of day to render the shot.

The Final Blended Image

Enfused from 5 original images. See original images at the end of this post

Enfused from 5 original images. See original images at the end of this post

Click here to see the final image after Photoshop Lightroom tweaks

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